Wednesday, July 20, 2011

shop etsy

If you have a love for all things vintage, handmade, or rustic you must know about Etsy.  If not, you are sure to lose countless hours searching all of the precious shops. I have narrowed my favorites down over the years and hope you like them too.

Blue Bird Heaven is one of my favorite shops on Etsy. Blue Bird Heaven makes incredible jewelry displays from old printer drawers in several different colors and sizes. What a fun and cute way to decorate a wall AND show off your jewelry.

photo courtesy of blue bird heaven

Check out the shop here.

Another favorite Etsy shop of mine is Skel Design. I have an obsession with note cards, stationery, post-its, and any sort of lists that I can make so I love their shop.

photo courtesy of skel design

This precious note pad is only $6.00. How could you not love it? 

 Check out the rest of the collection here and it will put a wonderful spin on your next "to do" list.

Let me know what your favorite Etsy shops are!


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