Wednesday, August 24, 2011

shop asos!

I recently discovered another great online shopping site...ASOS.  I saw a lot of their pieces featured in this month's InStyle, so I had to go check out their site.  They have great prices and free shipping both ways.  It's got an Urban Outfitters/European feel... so many pieces I am loving for fall!

River Island Boxy Aran Pocket Front Sweater $64.03

ASOS Boyfriend Blazer $100.62

ASOS Ribbed Knitted Dress $73.18

ASOS Zip Base Handheld Bag $54.89
(This was featured in this month's InStyle)

And so much more...

Have fun visiting their shop!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

lunch in paris

Join me for lunch in Paris!! This book is totally amazing and such a treat because not only is it about a women that travels, eats, and finds love in Paris......she shares her favorite recipes too!!! 
Food + Love + Paris = PERFECTION!
My absolute favorite recipe from the book is the molten lava chocolate cake.  Don't worry they are individual servings, so you get to have one (or two) allllll to yourself!  
(Note: ONLY eat this straight out of the oven with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top..... there is no other way to go about it ....I promise!)

Go read now! 


Sunday, August 21, 2011

top beauty picks

Don't you have those certain beauty products that you have used forever and can't live without...whether it's that $5 mascara from the drugstore or a $30 salon shampoo? Well, today we thought we would share our top picks with you! Of course we all have our own beauty routine, but I love finding out about great new products and secrets. So please enjoy our beauty must-haves and feel free to share yours as well!

Rebecca: MASCARA is the #1 thing I cannot live without. Say my luggage were to get lost or something...I would buy mascara first and not worry about a toothbrush, clothes, etc. I use 3 types of mascara every day because I'm just that obsessed with mascara and think it is necessary to use all of the different brushes. 

My first coat is Maybelline Lash Stiletto. The brush is almost triangular so it is a great first coat because it reaches your little corner lashes and covers very nicely. 

My second coat is Maybelline the Colossal Volume Express. This brush is nice and round and puts a THICK layer on your nicely spread out lashes from the previous mascara. 

My third, and favorite, coat is Revlon Grow Luscious. This actually helps your lashes grow longer and strengthens them. The brush is HUGE and is the perfect final touch to your lashes. 

The best thing about all of these mascaras is they are all around the $6 to $8 range. Very affordable. 

The other product I love is preventative and firming eye cream. I put this on morning and night. It has SPF 15 which is great to have on your eyes all day. This creme is good for younger girls because it takes proper preventive measures to keep those wrinkles away!

LUXIVA Preventage Firming Eye Creme
found at Merle Norman salons

Meg: I am by no means a beauty fanatic. I keep it simple when it comes to make-up, and I don't like spending a long time on my beauty routine.  But I do have a few products that I cannot live with out.  The first is aquaphor; I have been using this for about 10 years!! It is is the best moisturizer for your lips, and not the addicting kind.  I just put it on once in the morning and before I go to bed, and it is just perfect. You can find this at any drugstore or grocery store, and it lasts forever!!
Another product I have probably been using for about 10 years is Cetaphil face wash.  I love it just as much as I did when I first started using it.  It is the perfect gentle cleanser that doesn't dry out your face and it takes off all your make-up. I have never used make-up remover! I use this cleanser every night before bed.

In the morning I like to wash my face with Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub (which I have been using also for many years). I have tried some of their other face washes, and this one is definitely the best. It is refreshing and good for the pores. I take both of these face washes with me on any trip and cannot go without them!
Lastly, this one is a splurge, but I absolutely love this concealer from Cle de Peau.  I have trouble with concealers getting really cakey under my eyes, so I have tried a lot.  This one is light and unnoticeable when you are wearing it and lasts all day without creating any lines.  It's best when you put eye cream on right before you apply it, and don't put your powder on top of it.  This one is definitely worth the splurge! Can be found at Neiman Marcus.

Hope you enjoyed our beauty picks.  What products can you not live without??

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

vacation via hipstamatic and intagram

Long time... no see!! I have just had a fun-filled week in L.A. and Vegas, on vacation, and I wanted to share some of my photos with you! You might remember Ben's post about hipstamatic. Well I took full advantage of the app on my trip, and I also used Instagram, one of my other favorite camera apps.  You can get some of the coolest are a few of my favorites:

Tropicana Bar at Hotel Roosevelt: obsessed with this hotel. If you ever visit L.A., it is a must-see if not a must-stay. It's an LA hot spot, definitely worth visiting. Its the perfect mix of modern glamour, and you feel like your hanging out in Hollywood in the 60's. Visit Tropicana Bar during the day or night, stop by Teddy's, the Spare Room, or 25 degrees, the 24 hour burger bar.  That's not even touching all that it has going on. Also, if you're looking out for celebs, this is a great spot, previously I've seen Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, and Eva Mendes. More photos of the hotel:

Lunch one day at Chateau Marmont, amazing and beautiful!

Fountains at Bellagio in Vegas

Conservatory at Bellagio

Paris in Vegas

Sparkle inside the Cosmopolitan, Vegas

Hope you enjoyed a glimpse into my trip. Have you been on any fun vacations lately?


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

my favorite canadian...sarah richardson

Sarah Richardson is by far my favorite interior designer. She has had several shows on HGTV...Sarah's House (several seasons), Sarah's Cottage, Design Inc., and the latest, Sarah 101. 

If you love Pottery Barn you will love Sarah.

Her favorite color is white, her favorite accessory is anything silver, clear, or sparkly, and she mixes and matches the best colors and patterns. 

She always custom designs her own headboards for her clients.

She also loves wallpaper as much as I do. 

And she has the best blazers.

The three pictures below are of Sarah's summer cottage...


and look at the beautiful headboards she designs

love the wallpaper

I love it all.

So bottom line, you should check out Sarah 101 on HGTV.


Sunday, August 14, 2011

kendra scott jewelry


Kendra Scott jewelry designs are loved by many, including celebs! 
She is based out of Austin, TX and her flagship store is also located there on South Congress. 
Her second store is located in Bev Hills on Santa Monica Blvd, and plans are in motion
 to open one right here in Dallas (yay)!

The COOLEST thing about her line is that you can actually design your very own pieces at the Color Bar both 
in store and online right here.  
This is perfect if you are looking for something specific to compliment an outfit, to show your school pride with your colors, or just to bring out that inner jewelry-designer in you!!!!!
Your imagination is free to roam in the Color Bar with almost 30 different stone colors and jewelry designs to choose from. 

Fall colors you should pick are bordeaux and any jewel tone including deep purples, emerald greens, rich yellows, and blues.
Her designs are even worn by countless brides and are given as cute bridesmaids gifts (don't forget to you can customize to fit your color scheme)!  


Saturday, August 13, 2011

essie colors of the week

This color is the perfect blend between red and orange. It is a great burst of color for the rest of summer, but also can be worn in the fall. 

This color I like because it almost looks white. A lot of people are painting their nails white for summer...but if you don't want white nails this is the perfect color for you. It is different than muchi, muchi it is just hard to tell in the pictures. 

This is a very summertime color. A perfect light and pastel purple. 

p.s. the new fall essie colors are to die for. Coming soon!!