Tuesday, August 16, 2011

my favorite canadian...sarah richardson

Sarah Richardson is by far my favorite interior designer. She has had several shows on HGTV...Sarah's House (several seasons), Sarah's Cottage, Design Inc., and the latest, Sarah 101. 

If you love Pottery Barn you will love Sarah.

Her favorite color is white, her favorite accessory is anything silver, clear, or sparkly, and she mixes and matches the best colors and patterns. 

She always custom designs her own headboards for her clients.

She also loves wallpaper as much as I do. 

And she has the best blazers.

The three pictures below are of Sarah's summer cottage...


and look at the beautiful headboards she designs

love the wallpaper

I love it all.

So bottom line, you should check out Sarah 101 on HGTV.


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