Saturday, August 6, 2011

the weekly essie update

annddd here are your fabulous essie colors of the week.

I picked this color mostly because I wish I was back in Nice, France right now lying on the pebble beaches instead of in the 110 degree weather...but the color is lovely as well! 

With the advice of my friend (and reader!), Erin, I purchased Merino Cool...great advice. It is a simple fall mulberry color and a great neutral. 

Now for the basics, I have been using the same top coat for who knows how long and it finally ran out. I even tried to pour drops of it out straight onto my nail...forget the brush. So I had to break down and find a new top coat. 
This is NOT a quick dry top not be confused. I am very satisfied with the results so far! I'll let you know in 10 days if it holds true to its guarantee (no chips for 10 days)...although I can't seem to keep one color on my nails for 2 days let alone 10 days. Wish me luck. 

More essie to come next week!


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